July 30, 2014

Health Care Providers- How To Ethically Share Patient Payment Information

Myclientreport.com is a carefully crafted, secure and confidential reporting service designed to be sensitive to the confidentiality rules of various professions, including the medical profession.

We have found a legal safe harbor through which health care providers can ethically share patient payment history with other health care professionals by using our unique proprietary system (including this website). This gives health care professionals a much clearer picture regarding whether a new potential patient will faithfully pay their deductibles, copayments, etc. The ultimate effect is that health care professionals who use this system will have lower accounts receivable balances, and less wasted time.

We comply with all state and federal ethics laws (including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [“HIPAA”]). In order to help you comply with medical ethics rules and decisions, we have carefully considered such ethics rules (including HIPAA) to develop processes and procedures to properly collect, retain and disseminate the basic information relating to prior payment history. As an example, we have developed a carefully crafted consent form (which you will have available upon signing up as a user) which you must have new potential patients sign in order to comply with the law and your ethics obligations. After your new potential patient has signed such form, you will have the authorization to search mycreditreport.com for the payment history of such person, and the authorization to report their payment history information to mycreditreport.com.

HIPAA law for consumers

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